IEEE IoT Vertical and Topical Summit
11-13 June 2018 – Anchorage, Alaska

Oil, Gas, and Natural Resources

Alaska is a significant producer of products from Oil and Gas reserves and from Mining and other Natural Resource sources. It is an important part of the State’s economy. For the Industries in this sector there is an accelerating trend towards digitization of processes and facilities and IoT plays an important part of that future. The impact can be seen in the life cycle of projects in the industry from design, to implementation, to operation, maintenance and upgrades, and eventual retirement. One aspect of IoT is that it depends on common infrastructure for scale, for affordability, and for efficiency. Alaska and other Arctic regions pose unique requirements on IoT deployment and implementation and the track will seek to identify what those requirements are and approaches for potential solutions. This topic specifically includes potential Architectures for IoT, movement of data, extended use of prognostics and diagnostics, common services, and how to deal with climatic conditions, and remote operations. As with the other tracks the Summit also seeks examples of actual and planned IoT implementations.